Thursday 9th Apr, 2020

The academy where zero is the perfect score

Photo: Enerpac

Global hydraulics company Enerpac is introducing its ‘Enerpac Academy’ training program to Australia and New Zealand to optimise hydraulic tool safety, service and maintenance.

Enerpac has been in this market for more than 50 years, with a wide range of its tools in use throughout the region – for heavy lifting, shifting, positioning, bolting, workholding, cutting and fabrication.

“Every major industry in Australia and New Zealand uses hydraulic tools, so correct service and maintenance is important to extend uptime, prevent breakdowns, remove workplace hazards and prevent workplace injuries,” says Enerpac product engineer Sanjesh Balgovind, who regularly runs Enerpac Academy training sessions.

Enerpac’s Goal Zero Safety initiatives draw on its extensive hands-on local and global workplace experience to promote the goal of zero harm to employees, customers and end users of both Enerpac and other-brand hydraulic machinery.

“The primary goal of the training sessions is to educate users on the safe and efficient use of hydraulic machinery, including Enerpac’s 10,000 PSI (700 bar) hydraulic tools.

“If users don’t respect hydraulic tool pressures, incorrect use can be deadly. Conversely, correct use and correct maintenance can be a huge asset to safety, precision and labour-saving efficiency,” says Mr Balgovind.

Another component of the Enerpac Academy training program is the testing and fault diagnosis of tools, to minimise down-time on-site or in the workshop, he says.

In addition to the academy training programs that run every second month at Enerpac’s Australian headquarters in Regents Park, NSW, Enerpac also performs on-site training throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“A lot of hands-on workshop personnel attend these training sessions and they particularly like that we pull the products apart so that they understand all the inner workings and design methodologies,” says Mr Balgovind.

“Another role our Academy plays is ensuring that all authorised Enerpac service centres are comprehensively equipped and trained for servicing of our tools, including having adequate stock and storage space for all components and spare parts.”