Sunday 7th Mar, 2021

The cloud saves 91 days of productivity for Fenner Dunlop

A cloud software platform has helped Fenner Dunlop Australia return 91 days of lost productivity by eliminating tape and simplifying operations.

A cloud software platform has helped Fenner Dunlop Australia return 91 days of lost productivity by eliminating tape and simplifying operations.

The software platform, known as Rubrik, makes use of Microsoft Azure and has allowed Fenner Dunlop to overhaul its information technology (IT) systems, leading to significant cost and time savings.

“As a company, everything we do is supported by information systems—manufacturing, technical support, installation, maintenance, diagnostics services, you name it,” said Fenner Dunlop National IT Manager Sammy Jammal.

“If the system is down for even 10 minutes, the whole operation would come to a halt. This not only has financial implications but is detrimental to our brand reputation and diminishes our customers’ confidence. As an IT team, we want to leverage technology that can help optimise our processes, allowing us to focus on enabling our users and thereby benefiting our customers.”

Fenner Dunlop’s IT team is made up of six people, which supports more than 900 employees across Australia in applications such as finance, payroll, time and attendance, paperless office and workflow systems. These applications can be critical for employees to perform their jobs.

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Before moving to Rubrik, Fenner Dunlop used a tape-based legacy backup and disaster recover. However, this system had slow performance and required time-consuming upgrades.

“Our previous solution was extremely unreliable,” Jammal said. “We didn’t know if backups would take four hours, 20 hours, or if they would work at all. Because of this, we were spending 15 hours per week just managing the system. It was important to us to find a solution that would reduce the man hours maintaining backups and allow us to move off tape.”

By moving to the platform, Fenner Dunlop has removed the need for manual management of backups entirely. Its staff now spends less than five minutes per day checking email alerts, where previously they would be forced to devote an entire weekend to complete full backups to tape.

Because the system is cloud based, it provided Fenner Dunlop with much needed mobility. There are around 20 to 60 users in each of Fenner Dunlop’s Australian locations, with a majority of its workforce working remote.

“We want to empower our users to self-serve wherever they are, without limitations of having to be connected to the main server,” Jammal said. “That’s why moving to the cloud is a priority, so our users can do their job from anywhere, anytime, on any device.”

“Rubrik was our steppingstone into the cloud; it allowed us to leverage Microsoft Azure for long-term retention. We are now much more confident knowing that it only takes a few clicks to restore and support our users without geographic restrictions.”