Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Tough reinforced plastic finds use in bulk handling

Wearply from Cut To Size Plastics is used for applications ranging from insulated rail joints, as pictured, through to vibratory conveyor leaf springs used in processing and loading equipment as well as electrical motor, generator and transformer components.

A durable reinforced plastic composite that weighs less than aluminium but has up to 10 times the specific strength of 1020 steel is being offered by Cut To Size Plastics for demanding bulk handling, ports, and mineral processing applications.

Wearply reinforced plastic composite is aimed at maintenance, engineering and fabrication tasks around infrastructure and machinery components and leaf spring assemblies.

“Wearply can withstand millions of stress cycles at 1400 bar (20,000 psi) without fatigue failure,” says Pat Flood, NSW manager of Cut To Size Plastics.

“Wearply derives its strength, performance and durability from epoxy resins reinforced with continuously aligned, non-woven filaments. This allows plies to be laid so reinforcement is oriented to give greater strength and stiffness in the direction, or directions, in which it is most needed.

Parallel filaments resist the stress abrasion that can shorten the fatigue life in conventional reinforced plastics.”