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Transmin and Thermo Fisher Scientific still going strong

After signing a distribution agreement more than seven years ago, Transmin and Thermo Fisher Scientific continue to successfully serve the Australian mining industry. ABHR speaks to Robert Engelbrecht from Transmin and Maren Krakau from Thermo Fisher Scientific to learn more about the partnership.

On a busy mine site, there are plenty of ways unwanted metal could enter the material stream. Tools can fall onto a conveyor, teeth on shovel equipment could snap and other scrap metal can enter the process stream.

This metal can cause millions of dollars of damage in lost productivity and equipment repair, which is why many major miners ensure they use a tramp metal detector.

Robert Engelbrecht, a product specialist at Transmin, says very few large conveyor systems would operate without a tramp metal detector, and one of the most popular systems is the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Oretronic IV.

“It can detect all types of metallic scrap, including bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, car scrap chains, tools and more,” he says.

“Because the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Oretronic IV tramp metal detector is insensitive to materials with high magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity, it can be used in applications where conventional metal detectors produce an unacceptable false alarm rate, even if the tramp metal is buried in wet conductive material.”

Thermo Fisher and Transmin have worked closely with each other since 2014, when the companies signed a distribution agreement for Australia. Transmin supplies all states and territories with the Thermo Scientific bulk materials handling portfolio, which includes tramp metal detectors, belt scales and integrators.

Transmin has been supplying the Australian mining industry with bulk handling equipment since 1987, and during that time has developed a wide range of products. Engelbrecht says Transmin is known as a one stop shop for equipment in the mining industry for engineering, manufacturing, parts, and service.

Through Transmin, Thermo Fisher has greater exposure in the industry, making it a natural fit for both businesses.

Engelbrecht says the well-established equipment is robust and reliable, with Transmin keeping a complement of spares on hand to ensure turnaround times are as quick as possible.

“The quality of the product build, combined with Thermo Fisher Scientific having many years of experience, makes their solutions a benchmark for the mining industry,” he says.

“There’s proven, long-term reliability and access to plenty of spares for the equipment ensuring customers can continue their operations smoothly and with confidence.

“Thermo Fisher’s electronics and sensors under the Thermo Scientific brand are high quality, providing extreme accuracies and reliability.”

This accuracy is the result of decades of research and development. Maren Krakau, ANZ Sales Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, says the company is committed to developing leading solutions to enable its customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, safer.

“When it comes to tramp metal detectors, the market isn’t massive, but there are a lot of competitors. Our research and development, along with our proven track record, help us to stand out,” she says.

The agreement with Transmin is an excellent example of how a good collaboration can accelerate the adoption of our bulk material handling solutions in Australia, says Krakau.

“We work with partners to best focus on and serve our customers in each area and state. And they can help with servicing as well, which ensures rapid response time and onsite support,” she says.

“We want to work more closely as the borders begin to open. Our manufacturing centre is in South Australia, and I look forward to joining them for customer site visits when we’re able to again.”

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