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Turnkey triumph for Conveyor Industries

Many businesses are looking for a one-stop shop for their silo manufacturing needs.  ABHR learns how Conveyor Industries developed its reputation in this space.

New Zealand-based company Conveyor Industries has developed a strong reputation for bulk material handling equipment and turn-key systems across both sides of the Tasman. 

After many successful projects, especially in New Zealand, Conveyor Industries has become one of the leading deliverers of turnkey solutions for the bulk handling sector.

Simon Berkett, a business development manager for Conveyor Industries, told ABHR the key to the company’s approach was to work closely with the customer to tailor the solution as closely as possible.

This enables Conveyor Industries to ensure the equipment is the best fit for the customer’s application and increases the longevity of the equipment and its ability to fulfil the project requirements.

Berkett said that a one-stop shop for turnkey solutions provided peace of mind to customers as they dealt with them exclusively from conception to commissioning of the system.

Conveyor Industries was approached by a NZ-based mineral processor that wanted to increase its plant’s throughput and upgrade its intake system.

However, it would be a difficult upgrade as they would have to work around existing plants and buildings and ensure the new equipment worked perfectly with the existing set-up.

The mineral processor understood their project had technical difficulties that required a skilled approach. Conveyor Industries jumped at the challenge to provide a turnkey solution from project design to delivery and address the pre-existing difficulties.

“We successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that exceeded the client’s expectations by leveraging our expertise in bulk material handling and turnkey project management,” Berkett said.

“Despite the project’s complexities, our meticulous planning, collaborative approach, and attention to detail enabled us to overcome challenges and deliver the project on time and within budget.”

Conveyor Industries has developed a strong reputation for bulk material handling equipment and turn-key systems. Image: Conveyor Industries

The Conveyor Industries team conducted a 3D scan and 3D modelling during the initial stages of the engineering and design phase. The intensive work enabled the team to understand the project’s scope and potential risks, saving time and mitigating them.

The 3D modelling encompassed the existing plant and equipment and the new equipment. This was a targeted plan from Conveyor Industries to meet the project requirements of a seamless integration between the old and new equipment. They had regular client meetings throughout the initial process to provide the customer with up-to-date project information.

“Regular meetings with the client ensured alignment and integration of their requirements throughout the design process and allowed for a more precise pricing estimation and reducing project uncertainties,” Berkett said.

The client was impressed by Conveyor Industries’ comprehensive approach to the design phase that it engaged them for the entire project delivery.

The large-scale project saw the Conveyor Industries team fully engage in its capability to conduct everything from below-ground, civils, mechanical supply, site installation and electrical works to project commissioning.

The company has been around for 25 years and has an experienced team with significant exposure to the bulk handling sector. The team’s knowledge enables them to advise the best solutions for the customer’s application, including mineral processing.

Mineral processing can be complex due to every different minerals’ unique characteristics, which can cause each material to handle and perform differently.

The NZ-based company used its in-house knowledge and international network of suppliers to design a new solution for the mineral processor.

Conveyor Industries designed and supplied a bucket elevator, belt conveyors, silos, hammer mill, product conditioner, vibrating tube feeder as well as associated walkways, support structures, and chutes designed to the customer’s specifications.

Its specialised installing team was able to install all of the equipment on time while adhering to safety standards.

After installation, Conveyor Industries tested and fine-tweaked all the equipment to ensure it was operational and suited the customer’s requirements.

Using Conveyor Industries’ project documentation system, the New Zealand company can supply spare parts and provide further technical support.

Conveyor Industries has an experienced and talented team. Image: Conveyor Industries

Berkett told ABHR that using one operator for a turnkey solution had distinct customer benefits.

“It’s easier for the client; instead of having to manage the entire process themselves and engaging multiple contractors, we can take care of it,” Berkett said.

“Instead of multiple parties on site, it’s the one supplier they know they can trust. Some businesses don’t have the internal resources to manage large projects and would need to hire an external project team.”

The company has found customers across several industries have approached it to complete turnkey solutions.

A major New Zealand fertiliser company, which operates regional dispatch plants for trucks and spreaders, wanted to upgrade its blending equipment.

Conveyor Industries successfully designed, engineered, and carried out the civil work, structural work and mechanical supply as well as the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

In another project, Conveyor Industries worked with a New Zealand rendering company to for a set-up using raw material storage hoppers and mechanical conveying equipment across several sites. Conveyor Industries delivered the initial layouts, civil design and supply and well as the mechanical supply phase. The company also successfully installed and commissioned the project.

Recently, a specialist fertiliser coating company was seeking to create the highly specialised NZ-based batch plants. The company advised on a set-up using mechanical conveying and storage equipment as well as belt conveyors, elevators, hoppers.

Following a consult, Conveyor Industries was engaged to conduct the initial plant engineering and design as well as the detailed design and engineering.

The company also carried out the civil design phase, mechanical supply and completed the installation and commissioning.

Berkett said the company was proud of its ability to offer turnkey solutions to a wide range of industries.

“It highlights our ability to tackle complex projects and deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients’ needs,” he said.

“From initial concept to final commissioning, we remain committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

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