Saturday 16th Jan, 2021

Viterra ramps up harvest receivals

Agricultural company Viterra is introducing dynamic binning for barley across its network in preparation for the 2019/20 harvest. demand.
Photo: Viterra

Viterra has received just under 2.9 million tonnes of grain from around South Australia in two months since the harvest’s first delivery.

All of the company’s 65 sites have received grain, with site in northern areas beginning to see deliveries slow while later areas are increasing.

It received more than 580,000 tonnes of grain in the week through to Sunday 1 December, with cooler weather and rain affecting the harvest.

Wheat is the main grain being delivered, along with barley and canola.

Sites in the mid to lower Eyre Peninsula recorded large receival days, with sites in Cummins, Port Lincoln and Tumby Bay being the busiest in the west until weather conditions brought the region to a halt. The Port Lincoln terminal is running 24-hour operations to maximise elevation points for grower deliveries during the day and loading vessels at night.

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Central region sites have also seen significant receivals, with Viterra’s Bowmans site breaking its daily receival record. Its Saddleworth and Eudunda sites also recorded an increase in tonnes received compared to the previous week.

Domestic trains have been loaded from Gladstone and Bowmans as the company’s rail schedule continues.

The Eastern region has seen its busiest week for Viterra so far, with barley being the main commodity delivered. Deliveries of other commodities are beginning to come in despite the cooler weather.