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Vortex designs diverter chute for abrasive materials

Equipment manufacturer Vortex Global has built a pivoting chute diverter that can handle some of the most abrasive materials and applications.

Equipment breakdowns can lead to expensive production pauses, which is why industries handling abrasive materials tend to value durability.

Laurence Millington, Managing Director of Vortex Global, says end users in the mining, cement, and heavy industry sectors want longevity from their equipment.

“Nobody wants to be constantly repairing equipment every six months, they’re looking for something that will outlast everything else,” he says.

Vortex Global used this philosophy to design its pivoting chute diverter. The diverter is used to move heavy duty or abrasive dry bulk solid materials from one source toward two or three destinations in gravity applications.

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The body is constructed from carbon steel while the inlet and pivoting chute are constructed from abrasion resistant steel (minimum 400BHN) with other option available such as chromium carbide.

In addition, it has no interior seals, allowing it to handle materials of up to 200°C and above.

An industrial contractor in Australia handling clinker chose the pivoting diverter chute for its new cement facility, based on recommendations from other Vortex customers. The quarter-turn, electrically actuated Vortex Titan Pivoting Chute Diverter was designed to manage extreme abrasion.

It contained an inlet chute and internal pivoting chute made from abrasion resistant steel and liners. The diverter’s body was also protected by a specific paint that addresses local environmental conditions.

“Everything we build goes through a quality check to ensure the diverter or valve is working correctly before dispatch,” he says.

If needed, however not supplied with this current diverter, all Vortex loading spouts, valves and diverters can be manufactured to ATEX requirements and dust zones.

To ensure the equipment maintains its longevity, the company has designed the chutes to be easy to maintain. It features a removable access panel for in-line inspection and maintenance.

Its parts are designed to be replaceable to prolong its service life. For larger systems, removable bars help maintenance crews remove internal components for easy inspection and repair.

Millington adds that Vortex Global offers around the clock support whether the customer is from the US, UK, or China, someone will respond to any issues or questions the customer may need answering.

“COVID-19 has made this slightly harder, but we’ve been able to support customers remotely over the phone or online.”

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