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Vortex Global’s chutes across the globe

Vortex Global trusts its machinery to stand up in the harshest conditions from the US to the coal plants in Indonesia. ABHR looks at how it has designed a solution to handle some of the most abrasive materials available.

New data shows that the Indonesian coal industry is one of the leading exporters and producers of thermal coal in the world.

Indonesia led the world for producing and exporting thermal coal with 413 tonnes across the first 10 months of last year. It saw the country top the likes of Australia, Russia, and South Africa. Coal in Indonesia is a serious business. The energy source accounted for 43 per cent of the country’s energy supply in 2022, with Indonesia estimated to have coal reserves measuring nearly 39 billion tonnes.

When an Indonesian coal producer engaged Vortex Global to improve the flow rate of its power plant, the company knew its machinery needed to stand up to the test.

The client required a maximum flow rate of 1800 tonnes per hour with a bulk density of 641kg/m3 but its flap type diverters were failing.

Vortex Global’s two pivoting chute diverters proved to be the perfect replacement for the high-capacity Indonesian plant.

The diverter has been a staple of Vortex’s portfolio due to its ability to divert heavy-duty and abrasive bulk solids to multiple destinations from one source.

Vortex constructed the pivoting chute body from carbon steel. Image: Vortex Global

This ability made it perfect for the gravity-fed environment at the Indonesian coal plant, which demanded efficacy and reliable material flow.

Vortex constructed the pivoting chute body from carbon steel, while the inlet and pivoting chute were built from abrasion-resistant steel. The construction and advantage of no interior seals, means it can handle materials with heat ratings of 200°C and above.

The pivoting chute also features replaceable abrasion-resistant parts and a removable access panel for inspections and maintenance. These design elements increase the device’s service life and prevent operators from buying a complete replacement.

Managing director of Vortex Global Laurence Millington said the chute was vigorously tested to ensure it could handle the brunt of heavy-duty and abrasive materials.

“Nobody wants to be constantly repairing equipment every six months; they’re looking for something that will outlast everything else,” he said.

“Everything we build goes through a quality check to ensure the diverter or valve works correctly before dispatch.”

According to Vortex, the pivoting chute is not only a better fit for the application, but it will improve the flow rate compared to the old flap style diverters that were being used.

The unique design of the pivoting chute diverter allows for it to be fixed to the flowing column, which improves the handling efficiency for materials like coal.

The wear and containment bar provides dual functionality to the set-up as it guides material to the destination and protects the weld point at the top of the divert legs where the material flow is split from the abrasive material.

Vortex Global also provides 24/7 support for technical and operational issues as an added bonus for this costumer.

Millington said Vortex prides itself on its customer support, available to all Vortex customers, whether in Indonesia, Australia, the UK or anywhere.

Millington said these factors will allow the Indonesian plant to have smooth operations with total control of the flow rate to multiple destinations, improving efficiency and production.

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