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VSS deliver good vibrations to Australian bulk handling

The VSS range of vacuum-mounted vibrators delivers good vibrations and improves productivity to companies needing to solve their blockage needs.

Steve Johnson, the VSS application manager, always keeps three different types of vacuum-mounted vibrators in his car for client visits. Maintenance departments often overlook these handy devices, but Johnson understands that most companies don’t realise they need one until a problem arises.

“You often arrive at these sites, and they’re like, ‘Oh, there’s a problem. Can you fix this?’ Usually, one of our vac-mounted vibrators can provide a solution,” Johnson said.

“They have a variety of applications across the food industry, whether you’re dealing with fine powders like sugar, salt, and mixed spices or larger materials like fruits, vegetables, seafood, or frozen items. We’ve sold a lot of vibrators in numerous industries.”

In one case, a site used a jackhammer to dislodge material stuck in 60-70 storage plastic bins, which damaged the bins and caused noise and fatigue for the operators. Johnson offered them a small vacuum-mounted vibrator that they could securely attach to the bins and operate remotely. The result was improved efficiency, reduced noise, and enhanced worker safety. This example illustrates why vacuum-mounted vibrators impact various industries, as Johnson told ABHR in an interview.


Vacuum-mounted vibrators are attached by suction to the problem area, and when turned on, they generate vibrations that break up material blockages, reduce friction, and promote material flow. These devices are designed to aid the flow of materials within hoppers, bins, or chutes by applying vibration. Typically, they are mounted on the exterior of these containers to dislodge materials that may become stuck or compacted. Further, in the food industry, vac-mount vibrators can also be used to blend dry ingredients, aerate materials, and evenly distribute food products on conveyors.

VSS offers a comprehensive range of vacuum-mounted vibrators, the Vac-10, for example, are commonly used in food applications, while heavier-duty Vac-Mounts are used in mining and resource applications. Different materials require varying frequencies and amplitudes to function effectively.

For some companies, production stalling due to blockages can result in substantial financial losses. Experienced operators like Johnson know the value of a vacuum-mounted vibrator for maintenance managers in bulk-handling operations.

“It’s a maintenance manager’s best tool, and they should have one sitting in their office,” he said.

“They’re not expensive units, but they can save you from losing production during the day and hurting your bottom line. You can purchase one and use it to tackle multiple problems.”

Best vibrations

VSS is a trusted brand in the Australian bulk handling industry and vacuum-mounted vibrators. Johnson highlighted that customers can benefit from the company’s wealth of knowledge. This extensive experience is crucial for correctly applying vibration to a problem.

When purchasing a vacuum mount, Johnson said considering factors like the type of material, container size and shape, and the power source (pneumatic or electric) was critical. VSS can use this information to match customers with the best-suited vacuum-mounted vibrator from its extensive range.

“We’re an experienced team in this area, which is also important for a buyer looking to purchase one of these devices as one size does not fit all applications,” Johnson said.

“If you want your vacuum mount to have one or multiple applications and need help deciphering which vacuum mount will best suit your needs, experience and knowledge are essential.

“VSS has the expertise, and we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge to help you. We’ve been around for 40-plus years and have the experience to help you.”

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