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vWork launches three-way communication

A software-as-a-service company has designed a new messaging system that connects customers, dispatch teams and delivery staff in real time.

A software-as-a-service company has designed a new messaging system that connects customers, dispatch teams and delivery staff in real time.

Australians have embraced services like Netflix, Uber and Amazon thanks in part to high levels of communication and personalisation.

vWork, the developers of online dispatch and job scheduling software for medium to large businesses, recognised that customers in the bulk transport sector now expect this same level of care.

The company identified a gap in the market after receiving feedback from customers on the challenges of trying to successfully manage re-delivery when using SMS messages.

To solve this, it has launched a three-way messaging system between a customer, driver and dispatcher that can provide immediate updates on status, ETAs or delays.

Making the most of the moments that matter

Roy Moody, CEO at vWork says there are a huge number of opportunities for transport brands and companies to reach customers with the right message, at the right time.

“It just takes a bit of work to move from the “she’ll be right” mentality to a customer-first orientation that will provide those Amazon like delivery experiences,” Moody says.

An important step to create that kind of experience is to get clear on exactly what moments in the journey matter and the messages that customers can expect at these points.

“You can work this out by mapping out all the phases of the customer journey – right from the time an order is placed, all the way through to proof of delivery and invoicing – and decide what sort of updates or communication your customers will expect at these points,” Moody says.

“Then take that even one step further and determine how those deliveries that are at risk of being delayed will be managed. 

“By then identifying these moments in your job scheduling software, you’ll know that you’ll be present for the ones that matter most to your customers and have better business outcomes and stronger relationships because of it.”

Right message at the right moment

Implementing several pre-set workflows or time or action-based triggers on vWork’s platform allows users to act before anything becomes a problem through.

Triggers can be context rich signals – such as traffic delays, or intent driven signals like risk of churn. Adding a custom field around the trigger, means that when the event occurs, an automatic email or text will be triggered and sent to the customer explaining what the problem is, why it’s happened, and attempting to reschedule the delivery time.

This is also where vWork’s three-way messaging is useful as it allows users to immediately engage with the customer in real time and get on top of any concerns. For transporters who potentially face demurrage penalties, the opportunity to interact directly with a delivery site when deliveries are not on schedule, could prove valuable.

“The benefits of these real-time updates to your business are that you can keep your customers in the loop at any time during the delivery cycle,” Moody says.

“They can also be sent updates on how far off the delivery is, a map tracker to track the driver’s progress, and even a heads-up reminder sent via text or email the day before delivery.”

Measuring your moments of success

vWork’s platform offers a range of options to confirm the progress of a scheduled job that includes electronic proof of delivery with time-stamps, and photos. It can also automatically measure for when a delivery is made in full, on time – an important measurement for the transportation industry.

The platform also integrates with AskNicely, meaning that customer surveys can be automatically triggered once a job is marked complete.

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