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WAMGROUP buys Bulknet

WAM Australia has recently acquired Bulknet. ABHR sat down with Alessandro Bini, WAM Australia’s managing director, to find out why.

WAM Australia has recently acquired Bulknet. ABHR sat down with Alessandro Bini, WAM Australia’s managing director, to find out why.

Becoming a local manufacturer was one of the key goals for Alessandro Bini, managing director of WAM Australia.

The Italian company has operated in Australia for more than 26 years, supplying its screw conveyors and processing equipment to the local market through its Melbourne office.

However, Bini said the business wanted to expand significantly in the region and to begin building its equipment locally.

“Australia is far away from the rest of the world, and our customers want to work with an organisation that has short lead times and good local customer service” he told ABHR.

“When importing mechanical equipment from other countries, delivery time can increase significantly due to the production and transportation. This was highlighting during the COVID-19 lockdowns, where there were shortages of raw materials and supply chain disruptions.”

With more than 15 years of experience managing different subsidiaries for WAMGOUP, Bini began discussions with Bulknet, a Melbourne-based screw conveyor manufacturer. 

“Bulknet began business more than a decade ago and has established itself as a manufacturer of quality screw conveyors,” he said.

“WAM is one of the largest manufacturers of screw conveyors in the world – it’s what we do best.”

The two businesses synergised well, and in early February 2023, WAM acquired the Bulknet business.

The move expands WAM Australia’s team to 50 employees and means the company will begin manufacturing of its screw conveyors and components.

Bini said Bulknet’s ability to manufacture premium screw conveyors made it stand out in the market.

“WAMGROUP globally manufactures more than 600,000 screw conveyors and feeders for numerous applications and still counting.

“We want to provide the local market with the same level of customised, premium screw conveyors, in addition to our highly optimised manufacturing processes,” he said.

“We have 10 major manufacturing facilities around the world, which means that we can move our supplies and finished products around to minimise lead times without sacrificing quality.”

Bulknet will become a division within WAM Australia, which will be united under the one roof at a brand-new facility. The new warehouse and office facility will span more than 8000 square metres in Dandenong South, in Melbourne’s southeast. 

The facility will feature new production lines, new equipment, and additional storage to help serve its customers faster. In addition, a service team will be located at the new warehouse, who can provide support for customers in need.

Bini said WAMGOUP’s products are used around the world in many different industries, including construction, food, plastics, chemicals, energy, environmental technology, and heavy industry.

“We are always looking to provide what the market wants, which is why we are investing into this new production plant with advanced manufacturing processes and with new strategies. With more than 50 years of bulk handling experience and 70 subsidiaries around the world, we have the know-how necessary to deliver the specialised equipment and solutions that customers desire,” he said.

“WAM aims to be the main local reference point in providing solutions in the areas of bulk solids handling and processing. The synergies we have worldwide will mean we can deliver the best equipment for the market. It’s an exciting time for me and for all my extraordinary team”  

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