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Wash plant helps recover valuable construction material from concrete

A Mildura-based company has invested in a construction and demolition wash plant that allows it to recover valuable sand and aggregates from concrete waste.

Waters Excavation is an earth moving contractor for various feed streams including crushed concrete, scalpings and a fine sand deposit, working on a wide range of civil construction works from minor works to major government infrastructure projects.

The company wanted to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and to recover valuable material which can be repurposed in the local construction market.

In 2019, Waters Excavation first met wet processing experts CDE at global trade show bauma in Munich, Germany. The Australian CDE team worked with Waters Excavation to understand their needs and wants, to create a solution suited to them.

CDE’s solution incorporates the EvoWash sand wash plant, AggMax modular logwasher, a feed hopper and stockpile conveyor. Working together, these technologies enable Waters Excavation to produce five products for the local market.

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CDE’s S20 Hopper meters feed to the plant, the feed conveyor includes an integrated magnet for steel recovery, ensuring that Water’s Excavation can recover as much material as possible to divert more from landfill.

The high frequency Infinity D1-63 pre-screen removes sand prior to the attrition process, with high-frequency screening action ensures maximum sand removal, and the incorporation of the Infinity D1-43 screen dewaters organic and lightweight wastes liberated from the attrition process, enabling the production of two sands.

CDE’s RotoMax logwasher can be used in the processing of a variety of materials such as sand and gravel, crushed rock, construction and demolition waste material as well as a range of mineral ores and efficiently scrubs material for maximum attrition.

The incorporation of the AggMax modular logwasher upward flow rejects organics and other lightweight contaminants which are dewatered on the integrated trash screen, with the Infinity H2-60 sizing screen efficiently separates the material into three washed aggregates and allows the removal of sand liberated by the RotoMax’s attrition process.

Fines are passed to the EvoWash, a high-frequency dewatering screen with hydro cyclone technology, which gives unparalleled control of silt cut points, allowing production of high value, in-spec product straight from the belt.

“It’s been a real success,” director of Waters Excavation Michael Waters said. “I’m blown away with the level of contaminants we were able to remove from the waste stream and how clean the end products were.”

Daniel Webber, CDE regional manager for Australasia said the company is delighted to see this plant up and running for Waters Excavation.

“Both of us are passionate about sustainability and recovering as much was as we can to be repurposed in local markets, contributing to a circular economy,” Webber said.

“Plants like this are the future of the industry in their ability to minimise waste and maximise value, and we’re proud to share our expertise to create a solution which recovers and reuses valuable resources.”

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