Saturday 16th Jan, 2021

Wayside Lubrication System takes rail maintenance reliability to the next level

Wayside Lubrication System

What rail operators must keep in mind when it comes to maintaining and extending the life of railway tracks and train wheels

Track reliability is a critical factor for rail operators across Australia. Traditional maintenance techniques that use older lubrication technologies do not always deliver the desired efficiency that rail operators require.

Additionally, poor rail lubricant distribution methods and the high cost of maintaining older lubrication systems can lead to excessive rail and wheel wear which can significantly reduce its performance, leading to increased maintenance costs in the future.

Some of the main issues that rail operators experience when not using adequate rail maintenance are associated with lubricant distribution, higher cost of maintenance, and the increased friction between rails and train wheels.

JSG Industrial Systems, a provider of lubrication management systems, has partnered with SKF/Lincoln to provide an effective technique based on delivering precise amounts of lubricant directly to the wheel/rail interface using the JSG Wayside Lubrication System. This robust and efficient rail friction management system was designed specifically for the rail industry to provide significant benefits in terms of wear, energy and noise reduction, and substantial operational benefits by extending the re-profiling and re-grinding intervals of both the rail & wheels.

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The Wayside lubrication units are installed across a specified rail network with the aim of maintaining effective lubrication on both rail tracks and train wheels. The product range includes two different solutions: Gauge Face Lubrication, which significantly reduces wheel flange and rail wear that occurs at the curve section of track; and Top-Of-Rail Lubrication, that provides a solution to greatly reduce noise emissions and wear to the running surface of rail occurring on very tight radius curves.

As part of the latest technology configured within the wayside solution, JSG Wayside Lubrication Systems are equipped with JSG Smart Rail Lube Controller (SRL) offering a more efficient and modern way of managing rail lubrication digitally. Additionally, JSG provides a compatible Telemetry Service via a web accessible portal ensuring complete remote management of every Wayside system that is built with the JSG SRL controller. JSG Wayside units are operated using renewables such as solar panels as a part of the efforts to provide solutions under environmental guidelines.

Today, rail operators can have a network fully covered by the latest technology in rail lubrication which can be monitored and adjusted remotely. This technology will deliver the operator all the benefits associated with properly managed rail lubrication including greatly reduced track and rail wear, reduced energy consumption, and mitigation of curve squealing, which will provide excellent return on investment in the long-term.

JSG Industrial Systems designs, develops, and supplies engineered industrial systems which increase assets lifetime, reduce operational risk and contribute to environmental sustainability. The company provides access to products and services in industrial lubrication, liquid flow management, and fire suppression for a variety of global sectors including transportation, mining, food & beverage, agriculture, marine, energy, construction, and manufacturing.