Webinar: How to reduce downtime with digital twins and predictive maintenance in industrial gear units

Downtime is a costly problem for plant operators. This webinar discusses a predictive maintenance solution that can accurately predict the performance of operating equipment.

DriveRadar has been designed to autonomously determine the operating condition of Industrial Gear units, subsequently maximising their service life.

In this webinar we’ll explore how DriveRadar incorporates Digital Twin technology together with state of the art analysing techniques to precisely determine the service life of components and continuously predicating maintenance activities.

Topics include:
– Maintenance concepts of condition monitoring and digital twins
– Overview of DriveRadar structure, components and functionality
– Live demonstration of DriveRadar IoT Suite


• Guido Wagner, National IG Product Manager (Australia) SEW-EURODRIVE Pty Ltd

• Leandro Pereira, Business Development Manager Industrial Gears (Australia), SEW-EURODRIVE Pty Ltd

• Tamiem Badawi, Group Manager Product Management for Industrial Gears, (Germany) SEW-EURODRIVE GmBH.

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